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MEET 'n GREETS - $10 Available Monday-Friday only

(Paid at time of meeting: Venmo, PAYPAL Apple Pay or Cash)

($5 reimbursement on first invoice) 

Cat Sitting

​Feed, check water, scoop litter, no visit - $10
Feed, check water, scoop litter and a 15 min visit - $1

($15 for 1 visit or morning visit. $10 for second visit in the evening)


Cat Overnight​

Overnights- $35/night 

(Overnight hours are 10PM-8AM.

An overnight includes; dinner between 5-7p, me staying overnight and breakfast before checkout.)

(and cleaning litter box)

7 days a week
s: 10am-11am & 4pm-8pm

Rain or Shine as long as the roads are fine! 
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