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Our Team

I have a lot of experience with pet care, having owned pets for 31 years and running my own

small animal pet sitting business for 4 years in California.

I was born in Oregon and moved back in October 2008. 

I opened PDXPETCARE in March of 2014. As owner and operator of PDXPetCare,

I am dedicated to providing the best care for you and your pets. 

Lindy Porter

LGBTQ Friendly


(contact information available upon request)

Sonia - California, dogs and cat - 8 years


Carol - California, dog and cat - 4 years

Elizabeth - Portland, cats - 10 years


David - Portland, dog and cats - 9 years

Julie - Portland, dog - 6 years

Christy - Portland, cats - 2 years


Our Team
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